Is It Safe to Replace a Roof While It Rains?

Heavy rain falling on a roof slated for replacement.

Your roof is meant to protect you and your home from the elements — including rain. When that “shield” is torn off in preparation for a roof replacement, your property is temporarily left exposed and vulnerable. What happens if it suddenly starts raining as roofers are tearing off your old shingles or installing new ones? […]

Signs Your Strongsville Home Needs a Roof Replacement

The Strongsville home is undergoing a roof replacement, and signs of the re-shingling can be seen on the roof.

As any homeowner knows, roof replacement is financially demanding and requires other preparations and thorough planning. Because of that, many homeowners are postponing this onerous duty, which, sooner or later, will come. If you aren’t sure if it is time for a roof replacement, here are some warning signs that your roof has reached its […]