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Have Fun When in Strongsville, OH

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Welcome to Strongsville, Ohio and welcome to the best party in the United States! And yes,we really mean it, when we say it. If you’re looking for something fun to do then look no further than the city’s many festivals and events. There’s always something going on, from the Strongsville Community Fair in June to the Strongsville Christmas Tree Lighting in December.

Before we take you to the party, let us say a few words about the city itself, cause entertainment has to be earned. Ok, you can calm down, we are not that serious, just joking of course! But in case you will ever need it, it’s good to know some really (interesting) facts. Our short lecture won’t be boring, we promise!

Interesting (And Less Interesting) Facts about Strongsville, OH

Of course all the facts will be fun, don’t let the title fool you, because this is still an article about parties and all we have to do is have fun, fun and more fun – when in Strongsville. Have you noticed that we wrote the word “FUN” 4 times in one sentence? In case you haven’t, now you are probably checking and counting.

Let’s go back to our theme and let’s talk about Strongsville. Did you know that this vibrant suburb of Cleveland has a very specific nickname. It is also called “Crossroads of the Nation.” The expression originated from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) intersecting with the Southwestern Electric Line that connected Cleveland and Wooster. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

The current mayor, Thomas Perciak, was elected in November 2003, following the death of longtime mayor Walter F. Ehrnfelt. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and loves the city’s many festivals and events. Thomas is a big fan of the Strongsville Community Fair, and he always looks forward to attending the event each year.

One more fact and then you definitely deserved your ticket to party. Did you know that June, September and August are the most pleasant months in Strongsville, while January and February are the least comfortable. So if you are planning to party in Strongsville (which you certainly do), it is good to keep that in mind.

Now, we are taking you to Strongsville Rib Burnoff, Band Concerts, Strongsville Homecoming, Holiday Lighting Ceremony and Breakfast on the Covered Bridge.

Strongsville Rib Burnoff and Band Concerts

This event is held the third week of June on the City Commons. The Strongsville City Club kicks off summer with a festival of food and music.

Summer months are also great for band concerts. Local band “The Strongsville Community Band” plays a number of free outdoor concerts, as well as a number of indoor performances throughout the year.

Strongsville Homecoming

A carnival midway, food, entertainment and a parade highlight the festival, which is sponsored by the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce and takes place the third week of July. Guess where? On the City Commons, of course!

Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Now we will quickly transport you (by time machine) to the most beautiful time of the year. This period starts a little bit earlier in Strongsville, than in other parts of the world. And when we say earlier, we mean November. City mayor Thomas Perciak lights up the City Commons at this free popular event that features fireworks and Santa arriving on a sleigh. This brings back so many memories and “smells of” careless childhood, doesn’t it?

Breakfast on the Covered Bridge

Are you tired after all this partying? We definitely are and what’s the best thing to do after having fun? Eat! That’s why we are taking you to Breakfast on the Covered Bridge. The Strongsville Recreation Department hosts Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and Breakfast with Santa for families each spring and winter. So cute!

It was so much fun hanging out with you! Which festival are you coming to?

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