Signs Your Strongsville Home Needs a Roof Replacement

The Strongsville home is undergoing a roof replacement, and signs of the re-shingling can be seen on the roof.

As any homeowner knows, roof replacement is financially demanding and requires other preparations and thorough planning. Because of that, many homeowners are postponing this onerous duty, which, sooner or later, will come.

If you aren’t sure if it is time for a roof replacement, here are some warning signs that your roof has reached its life expectancy.

Your Roof Has Entered Its Third Decade

A life expectancy of a new roof is about 20 to 25 years, depending on the weather conditions, climate, and how thorough you have been in roof maintenance.

But, we are talking about ideal conditions in which the roof has not been through frequent storms, has not been re-roofed, and has not been exposed to other difficulties that destroy roofs.

If your roof has been exposed to harsh weather conditions and you live in the Strongsville area, where fall is full of rain and winter is freezing, snowy, and windy, it’s unlikely that your roof will be functional after twenty years.

That’s why you should, at least, conduct a roof inspection every spring to know your roof condition.

Your Roof Is Sagging

A sagging roof is not only a warning sign that your roof might collapse, yet it is also one of the most indicative signs that you must start planning a roof replacement.

One of the first measures if you notice a sagging roof is to call a professional roofer who can detect why your roof is sagging and whether it is time to replace the roof or if it can be solved with a temporary solution.

You Are Noticing Shingle Issues

If your roof’s shingles are damaged and broken, if they are starting to curl, or if you notice shingle pieces around your property, your roof is probably getting to its end.

If you want to be sure where you are standing with these shingle issues, arrange a roof inspection during which you will get answers to the questions of whether the roof is ready to be replaced or whether it will be enough to make certain roof repairs.

You Are Noticing Water Stains on a Ceiling

Leakage is one of the most obvious signs your roof isn’t functioning as it should. Unfortunately, when water stains appear, it isn’t easy to detect where the water managed to find its way in the first place.

Maybe it’s about missing shingles, or perhaps the flashing has loosened, and maybe the problem is in the skylights. Whatever it is, only a thorough inspection of the roof can answer how serious the water problem is and what the next steps are.

Chimneys and Skylights Are Worn Down

If you notice that your roof’s chimneys and skylights are weather-beaten and damaged, that is a clear sign that your roof needs a replacement.

Cracked and worn chimneys and skylights can cause leakage, creating mold issues and damaging your home immensely.

What if Your Roof Needs a Replacement?

If you have noticed any of these signs listed above, your roof is probably an ideal candidate for a replacement.

If that’s so, your first step is to call Chappelle Roofing, the best roofing company in Strongsville, OH, and schedule a free roofing inspection.

Our experienced roofing professionals will inspect your roof and find warning signs of deterioration and wear. After that, we will create a report explaining what kind of roof damage there is and whether your roof needs a replacement or if certain repairs will be sufficient.

So, wait no longer; contact us and schedule your free roof inspection today.