Top Maintenance Tips for Your Roof in Brunswick, OH

A Brunswick house with a shingled roof.

Since a roof is one of the most important parts of your Brunswick home, you may wonder how to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. A full roof replacement requires a significant amount of money, so it’s only logical that you would want to maintain your existing roof as adequately as possible.

We’ve therefore decided to share some of the most crucial maintenance tips for your roof in Brunswick. Here they are!

Trim Tree Branches

Even though it may sound surprising, this roof maintenance tip is quite important, especially if your property has many trees close to your home.

During high winds and storms, tree branches won’t just make loud noises while hitting your roof; they can severely damage shingles, chimneys, or even the whole roof structure.

Therefore, trimming the branches from the trees near your roof should be one of your household’s regular duties.

Regularly Clean Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are essential parts of a roof’s drainage system. Yet many leaves, branches, and other debris can end up in gutters, making them clogged and nonfunctional.

Clogged gutters can also endanger your roof, as they’re the perfect place for leakage issues. Because of that, one of your chores regarding roof maintenance should be regularly checking and cleaning your home’s gutters and downspouts.

Keep an Eye on Missing or Damaged Shingles

Shingles cover the entire roof and are an essential part of the roof. Unfortunately, strong winds, storms, and tree branches can easily damage shingles or even blow them off, leaving your roof vulnerable.

That’s why it’s crucial to regularly check whether all shingles are in place and whether they are damaged. If they are, you should replace them as soon as possible to prevent further damage and leakage issues.

Check for Any Debris

While checking your roof regarding shingles, you should also check if there’s any debris, like fallen branches, stones, leaves, and other waste that shouldn’t be on the roof.

Not only can they clog drainage systems, they can also fall from the roof and injure someone from your household or your guests.

Check Attic Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation can shorten the lifespan of your roof and cause roof decking to dry rot, which can affect shingles and their performance.

Attic ventilation is also important if you do not want moisture and mold to appear in your house.

To ensure that your attic ventilation is working correctly, check all intake and exhaust vents, inspect soffits and make sure they are free of debris, and ensure that the airflow isn’t blocked.

Pay Attention to Any Signs of Leaks

Every now and then, look at all the above-mentioned steps, and ensure there aren’t any signs of leaks and water damage. If you notice them, immediately contact a professional roofing company, like Chappelle Roofing.

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

Lastly, schedule a professional roof inspection by your trusted Brunswick roofing company, as keeping your roof in good condition is essential. During the roof inspection, we’ll create an individualized maintenance plan for your home and suggest the best steps to keep your roof in top shape.

Feel free to contact Chappelle Roofing LLC today and schedule your professional roof inspection!